We are sharing our BEST travel APPS!

During a trip or even planning it, I always use my phone. Nowadays, there are hips of apps that are helping travellers to make their trip even better 😊. I share with you a few apps that I always use and highly recommend! ✌🏼

Booking flights and accommodation

Skyscanner (free/iOS/Android) – the app I use to look for flights. In my opinion, it still needs to be improved since the desktop version allows to search for a whole month where the app does not. Still good for a quick search or compare what you have found from your laptop search!


Airbnb (free/iOS/Android) – I use Airbnb a lot when I want to save money when traveling. Basically, people having their house (or bedroom) free is renting it online and at cheaper prices than hotels. The app is great to book accommodation on the go but most of all, communicating with the host.


Booking.com (free/iOS/Android) – I tend to use my laptop to search or book on Booking.com which I think is a great help to get good hotel deals. I use the app to retrieve my bookings with useful information such as the hotel name and address!


Couchsurfing (free/iOS/Android) – I will be honest, I have never used it yet. Couchsurfing is a cheap way of traveling. People offer a couch, spare room etc to traveler for free! I find this fascinating and I am sure that this is great for meeting locals! To be tested in the future…

Finding your way and using transports

Google Maps (free/iOS/Android) – I never get lost with this and I have no sense of orientation. I could be walking, driving or using the bus/metro, goggle maps will give me the right direction or best bus to use. I can’t travel without it anymore!

Uber (free/iOS/Android) – honestly, this has saved me so many times! Especially in Paris and in the US. You only need your account connected to your credit card, it will locate you, you can select the time of pick up and the (approximate) fare will even be displayed! Parisian taxis are a rip off. Uber gives you a so much better experience at better price!

Restaurants and activities

Happy Cow (€4.49 on iOS/free Android) – being vegetarian is a challenge sometimes when traveling. This app has helped me a lot on getting proper food anywhere I traveled. It does not cover the whole world but Europe and US are well represented and it keeps growing! Great for vegetarians or vegans too!

Trip advisor (free/iOS/Android) – great app to use whilst in the area you are visiting. Find activities, restaurants (vegetarians friendly), must-see, wherever you are! What I like the most is that, it is done by people like you and me. When it sucks, people will tell and that I LOVE!


Whatsapp (free/iOS/Android) – great way to keep in touch with friends and family at no cost (well on wifi, otherwise it will use data and roaming can be expensive, especially outside EU!). It can also become very handy in some countries where guides or drivers will be using WhatsApp for their business too.

Google Translate – (free/iOS/Android) – you would think that I use google translate to speak with locals… actually no. I use it to find my way, translating menus or things I find in the supermarket etc. I like to know what people say/write in their own language and this app is great for this!

Fizzer (free/iOS/Android) – this app was recently recommended to me. This allows you to send postcards without sending them! Select your picture on your phone, type your text and insert the address of your friend. Pay and they will send the postcard! I think this is super cool, especially if you tend to forget sending your postcard during your holidays!

Always know your finance

Budgi (€2.99/iOS only) – I recently bought this app which allows to keep track of your budget when traveling. Set up your destination and your budget and during the trip upload your expenses. It will on a daily basis give you your expenses and what is left of your budget. Very useful for who is careful of his/her budget! In French but you can change the language in the settings!

XE (free/iOS/Android) – great currency converter! I use it often abroad where the currency becomes quite complicated to convert… I am really bad with numbers!

And the last for travel addicts….

Been (free/iOS/Android) – This allows you to keep track of all the countries you have been to. It doesn’t do anything else but if you are a travel addict like us, then this is a great little app to have!

Mark’O’Travel (free/iOS/Android) – similar to Been, this is an app that tracks your travels but this is a much better one. The maps are more colourful, open it when abroad and it will track your journey and add them to the app. LOVE THIS STUFF!

One last app, for French speakers though….

Conseils aux voyageurs (free/iOS/Android) meaning advice to travellers is the app I always check before traveling to any countries. It tells me all about VISA requirements, health issues or vaccinations, and much more! The UK has a similar thing but web based only… here is the link for you!

Do you have other apps you use often when traveling? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Until next time, Go and Explore!

Roaming Sab ✌🏼

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