What should you NOT miss in SINGAPORE!

Singapore 🇸🇬  is the perfect destination in Asia, especially if it is your first trip in Asia. Why? Because when in Chinatown you’ll feel like traveling to China 🇨🇳  and Malaysia 🇲🇾 , you’ll get a taste of India 🇮🇳 by enjoying the food and colours of Little India. Soak the sun ☀  in luxurious hotels or on the island of Sentosa. With a yearly average of 31 degrees multi cultural city and english spoken, Singapore is the perfect location for you! BUT be aware that this place is not a cheap destination like Thailand or Malaysia even if food is priced reasonably (especially local food 😉). This place is super clean and safe too! Not convinced? Let me tell you a bit more then… 😉

Perfect summary of Singapore: busy with its skyscrapers but calm with the lotus flowers 👌🏻

Getting there and around

You’ll probably be arriving via Changi Airport which has been for the fifth consecutive year awarded the BEST airport in the WORLD 🌎 ! Why? Because it offers much more than just an airport should be doing: free Singapore tour (if you are just there for a few hours on a layover), there is a cinema, a butterfly and cactus gardens, a swimming pool 🏊‍♀️   !!! Honestly, I never used any of these just the amazing pharmacy there if you have read my post about some of my worse experiences when traveling 😂 but what I like the most about Changi airport is its efficiency. Quick and easy to get to a terminal, pass customs/security and collect bags. Super efficient 👍🏻 !

Get fit on holiday! Hire a bike (pretty much) anywhere  🚲

Singapore 🇸🇬 is a small country/city and public transport are very good. You can leave the airport to your accommodation by Taxi (air conditioned and metered), use UBER (at specific pick up point), use MRT (the local metro and you’ll need a card for that, similar to Oyster card in London 🇬🇧 ) but an app has started to grow there and is called GRAB, which is an app helping you getting a transportation to wherever you are going. This app is mostly for South East Asia, so this is good to have if you are planning to go to other countries in the area.

TIP: There is Free WiFi in Chinatown, some shopping malls and most of MRT stations – but you can also get a cheap prepay SIM card at the airport or in town if you want to remain connected all the time! 😉 ✌🏼

And here is what to see when in Singapore

#1 Chinatown

Chinese New Year is on 15th February 2018 and you can see everywhere that the country is preparing for it. So as we are entering the year of Dog, I had to go to Chinatown to see what the decorations look like!!

Year of Dog… obviously! 😂

It is easy to get to Chinatown – either walk from Clarke Quay (see below what it is) or just get there with MRT. You will get out on the main road, where thousands of shops are selling everything from fruits to high tech products and all the cliché tourists souvenirs. You can bargain – don’t accept the first price especially if you think it is too expensive.

What can you do in Chinatown? Browse the little shops, stop by for food, there are LOADS of restaurants there, have a pineapple tart (yep that’s right). I enjoyed visiting The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum. It is a fairly recent temple as it was built in 2007 only but it contains a lot of Buddhist items and a tooth from Buddha himself! It is free of charge to enter and you can also get some free tour given by volunteers.

Entrance of The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple


Don’t get freightened by the statues at the entrance of the temple!


#2 Little India

Elephants in Little India

Each time I am in Singapore, I have to get my lunch in Little India. Why? I love Indian food and there are hips of vegetarian restaurants! It will actually be difficult to choose from since there are so many!! I have been twice to a family run restaurant called Komala Villas and enjoyed the food very much. It offers a lot of typical Indian food at a decent price. Go check them out!

They also have fresh coconut 🥥 🤤

What will you see in Little India? First off, lots of shops selling you everything you need, spices, gold, health products and so on, you’ll have fun and enjoy yourself just by looking around! I recommend you go and check out the temple of Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. It is one of the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. It has an amazing structure and you could spend hours just by looking at its outside.

Serangoon Rd is where you’ll find the temple


Sri Mariamman Temple

#3 Marina bay

I think that Marina bay is the most known place in Singapore. You know, that’s where the boat looking hotel is and with an infinity pool at its top (for customers only).

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

What is there to see in Marina Bay? Personally, I enjoyed the view. Walk along the Olympic walk is nice too you will have get a better view on this crazy building and this path will take you to the mall, if you feel like shopping or just cool down! 😅

The Olympic Walk.. but did I have to mention it?

You can walk from Marina Sands to Merlion Park and see closer this half mermaid half lion creature. This time I was there it was getting himself a clean up!

That’s the Merlion! You’ll see it in all souvenirs shops 😂

#4 Clarke Quay

A trip to Singapore would not be complete without a stop for food or drinks in Clarke Quay! (oh wow, that’s a statement!! 🤣). If you go there during the day, expect it to be extremely quiet, obviously this is a place that comes to life at night! But what can you do during the day? Walk along Singapore River Walk, get on a cruise in one of those cool boats (done it and enjoyed it actually!), or just enjoy the colourful houses all around you 🏠 .

But I hear you say, what was Clarke Quay? Well, it actually used to be a bunch of warehouses back in the days where Singapore started being a trading port – its name comes from Sir Andrew Clarke who was the Governor there! 😲 Ok kids, history class is dismissed! 🤣

Clarke Quay and its boats – do a cruise, it is actually nice! 😉


Not far from Clarke can be seen the Old Hill Street Police station. and you can’t miss it with its colorful windows! This is not a police station anymore but just offices 😉

The colourful Old Hill Street Police Station

#5 Sentosa

This place is an island and you need more than a day to visit it! Go to Harbour front station and from there you’ll be able to get to Sentosa. Either by bus, using the train Sentosa Express or Cable Car. I went there by bus but this time I used the cable car. Obviously the scenery was much nicer even if the price was a bit high (return was SG$33 which is approximately €20/£18/$25).

Sentosa is like a huge amusement park, there are resorts, beaches, casinos, shopping malls, golf course, water parks, Universal studios, etc. You can enjoy it as much as you want – use their data pass to enjoy more parks if this is what you are after. They do have some nice features like Dolphin island, water parks (I love them) or zip lines. This time, I enjoyed walking around but got weak for an ice cream… chocolate and mango sorbet made fresh by Bruno!

TIP: You can use free buses to get around the island to reach the main attraction points. 

There are other places in Singapore worth going to!!!

Botanical gardens.

Botanical gardens fountain

My little peace of heaven. First of all, it is free to enter so if you are in Singapore 🇸🇬  you must go! The gardens are very pleasant with a lot of different types of trees, plants, flowers. Even if you’re not into this, you’ll enjoy it anyway! 😊 You’ll also find some reflexology paths! Try them with your bare feet! 👣 A bit painful but this will rejuvenate you! … or not haha! 😆

Roaming Sab in Botanical gardens 😎

Tiger balms gardens.

You’ll find the place using this name but its official name is Haw Par Villa. It used to be a theme park and its surreal sculptures that left me wondering where I was. Don’t miss it though, it is free, it is fun, and you’ll have a great time making funny pictures and so on.

Tiger balms garden entrance


Do you use Tiger balms? I do a lot!!


Yep, that’s my goofy picture… so what??? 🤣🤣

Bugis street.

Bugis has a huge street market and shopping malls (CapitaLand). It is one of the shopping district in Singapore (if you are after shopping, go to Vivocity next to Sentosa, you’ll have so many shops that your feet can walk into).

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this and that your trip to Singapore will be amazing! I would love to know so let me know in the comment box below! Also feel free to share this with your friends if you think that could be useful to them!! 😉

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Until next time, Go and Explore! 😉

Roaming Sab ✌🏼

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