How to have a great (short) trip in Paris!

How Travel team got together in one of the most vibrant capital of Europe: Paris 🇫🇷!

We just had a very short trip (2 days) where we have managed to visit the most important sights of the city but also to eat a lot! 😉 And that’s what you do in France! 🥐🍷👌🏻

Paris is huge. You can get around the city walking (that’s the best way to visit a place anyway) but you need to have an itinerary to make it smooth and interesting too. Here is what we have done on our first day 💪🏻

TIP: we recommend you to buy a book of 10 tickets for Metro/RER/Bus. They are €1.90 per ticket but buying 10 will cost you just €14.90! 👍🏻

Day 1.

We start at Place de la Concorde! where the Obelisk (identical to the one in Luxor, Egypt) is facing the Champs Elysées and at the far end Arc-de-Triomphe.

We can see the Eiffel Tower at the back and decide to walk towards it. Crossing this place takes ages! there is so much traffic that it took us 15 min just to get towards the Seine river, 50 meters away.

Passing by the Petit and Grand Palais where many art exhibitions usually take place, we decide to head to the Eiffel Tower walking by the Seine River. Also this is quieter than walking next to the traffic!

We get to the banks of the river by Pont Alexandre III which is one of the most beautiful bridges of Paris! and we continue walking! 🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️

Pont Alexandre III

Who does not love walking with such views?

We reach the ‘surface’ again at the Alma Bridge where we read the messages left for Princess Lady Diana who died there and walk towards Trocadéro.

Trocadero is the best place to see the Eiffel Tower and also a very well known meeting point!

We hang around at a Café to recharge and get a yummy ‘café gourmand’. This is a great option for whoever love deserts and never know what to get! They do a tea version too if you are not keen on coffee!

Café gourmand: Macaron, crème brûlée, brownie, chocolate mousse and coffee!

It is night time now and the Eiffel Tower is right on top of us with full lights!

Roaming Sab and Digital Sunshine

This tower is huge and impressive!!! The best moment is when it lights up for 5 min and it does this at each hour, so get that in mind and do not miss it! Oh la la, what a show! 😉

It was sparkling!

Time for some dinner and we decide to check out the Quartier Latin near Notre Dame de Paris. It was cold, we were tired… and for this, the best comfort food is Cheese Fondue! 👌🏻🍷

Day 2.

Yesterday was great but today will be even better! We head to Place de Clichy and walk towards the Moulin Rouge! Shows are quite expensive there (€200 per ticket) so we just walked by, and continued towards Montmartre via Rue Lepic.

We love this hilly street! Lots of shops, cafés, restaurants, and the very famous Café des 2 Moulins where the film Amelie was shot!  You should really watch it if you haven’t seen it. Paris is looking great in it! 😉👍🏻

Montmartre is full of artists! Just look at Place du Tertre where all local artists are asking to draw your portrait in just 4 minutes! We did not stop but looked around only… some are very talented!

Now on our way to Sacré Coeur! What a magnificent place and well worth the effort to reach its top. You can enter the Basilica for free but be careful as mass do often take place here…so please keep it quiet 😉.


Walking the streets of Montmartre without any directions in mind is a great feeling. Is this how Parisian life is?

We had our lunch in a small Crêperie called Brocéliande and we highly recommend it!! amazing crepes sweet and savoury! with lots of vegetarian options!

Our last visit is Le Louvre where we spent 2 hours walking around this magnificent museum. You definitely need more time to admire and go through all different rooms. But it was already a great visit since we hadn’t been there for so long!

TIP: Do not enter or get your ticket at the main entrance of the Pyramid. But rather go via the metro or shopping centre underneath it. You will not queue and therefore save a LOT of time!!

With extra time or different interests 😉, here are a few other sights you might enjoy too 😄…

Some of you might find it creepy but visiting Père-Lachaise Cemetery is actually very popular. A lot of famous artists, poets, comedians have been buried here and finding them to pay respect can be nice too. Entrance is free but you can get a guided tour for just €5.

Opéra Garnier is such a beautiful building! it stands out in this neighbourhood with all Haussmann buildings.

Opera Garnier

Next to Opera is Galeries Lafayette and it is a must to visit in November and December especially.

In order to celebrate the end of the year, each window of this massive shopping place will display a whole scene, structures and stories based on the theme of the year. Children and adults love this! What a great way to end a day, especially with the wonderful lights!

Place Vendôme is just a few minute walks from Opera too and if you have a lot of money and a desire to shop luxury brands, this place is for you! Also you can walk by the shops and appreciate the architecture of this square if you don’t have the money like us! 😉 👍🏻

Place Vendôme

Another great place in Paris to visit is Centre Pompidou. It is right next to Chatelet Les Halles and is one of the best museum of Modern Art in Paris. Just the outside of it is already a piece of art!


It was such a short trip in Paris but how great that was! Here is the video of this trip

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See you on the road,

Roaming Sab & Digital Sunshine


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