2018 Review, and what a busy travel year that was!

2018 has been such a busy travel year! And as we are about to enter 2019, it’s time to review that incredible year, month by month, reflect on some awesome places we have taken you! 

So let’s go!  😀👍🏻

January 2018



How Travel’s first destination of 2018 was Singapore! We took you to one of smallest country in South East Asia, showing you great places like Chinatown, Little India or the trendy Clarque Quay. We tried to show you that this financial place is not only about skyscrapers but offers also green places such as Botanical Gardens or Sentosa island.

➡️ A great place to go for first timers in Asia! 😉


So close from Singapore and easy to get to is Malaysia. It will only take you 15 minutes to get to the first city Johor Bahru! A huge city, with great shopping (cheaper than in Singapore 😉), amazing food and nice people too! And don’t miss Melacca, 2 hours drive from JB, a town so authentic and still off the beaten path of tourists. You won’t be disappointed and if you love food (duh 🙄, who doesn’t??), and you’ll love sipping fresh Coconut shakes and eat Kuih dada with coconut filling too.


February 2018



Finding a cheap flight from Singapore took Roaming Sab all the way to Australia! Now How Travel has traveled to Oceania too!  😀 😅  We started in Perth, Western Australia, where we showed you the city, what’s great to see and hear, especially since there was a Fringe going on with loads of street artists (and we LOVE this! 😍).
But we also showed you what is there to do around Perth like traveling to Pinnacles desert and sand surfing (yep!), wine tasting the in Swan Valley (oh boy, that was so good) and the best in my opinion, was traveling to Rottnest Island, cycling, swimming and meeting the cutest animal on earth, the Quokka!

➡️ That place was heaven on Earth! 😍

After seeing Western Australia, we took you to Melbourne and what a change that was! 😅 The city was busy, huge, with loads of shopping places, dining and art! It seems that this place never stopped! 😉 But certainly the highlight was to get out of Melbourne and go on a road trip on the Great Ocean Road! Seeing animals roaming free like Koalas, Kangaroos was so great! But not as good as seeing the 12 Apostles!

➡️ Best time EVER!! 😍😍


After the state of Victoria, we took you to Cairns, Queensland, where everything we love was reunited: sea, nature and culture. Who hasn’t dreamt of swimming in the Great Barrier Reef? What an amazing feeling that was and fantastic memory too! But Queensland is not only the Reef, it has also a Tropical forest and meeting aborigine tribes was so amazing to do! And luckily no crocodiles were spotted! 😅

➡️ Highlight of Australia so far! 😁

Leaving Cairns and this great part of Australia was tough but how exciting was to visit the great city of Sydney! Spending a week there, admiring the beautiful Opera House, eating awesome ice-creams, enjoying birds at the Botanical gardens or walking along the coast and seeing surfers , that week flew by!

➡️ Australia is such a great place to visit and you’ll need a life time to see it all, but we covered good parts of it, no? 😉

March 2018

New Zealand

Landing in NZ, Kia Ora (Welcome in Maori)
Such a radical change to be in New Zealand after a month spent in Australia! From North to South, we shared all important places that we went to. Starting in Auckland, but also driving the island via the Hobbit village of Lord of the Rings, learning Maori culture, enjoying hot springs and visiting in Wellington, the capital.
What a great place New Zealand is! 😍😍 But the South Island made the trip even better with great cities like Christchurch and the road trip from Queenstown up to Mount Cook was definitely the highlight of this trip.

➡️ New Zealand is definitely one of the best place to visit on Earth! 😍 

May 2018


We started this trip in Toronto, the Canadian Big Apple, but not only! We took you to Niagara Falls, and Ottawa have no more secrets from now! And don’t listen to people saying the Capital should NOT be avoided, it is an amazing place!! 😍😍

New York, USA

Digital Sunshine headed to New York to do some exploring! Blog yet to be written but here is a sneaky peek…


June 2018

Quebec, Canada

The highlight of this Canadian trip was definitely Quebec region! It all started in Montreal checking out some awesome architecture but also eating a lot of yummy FOOD! 😋 😁 The trip continued in Quebec City, a small and more quiet place full of history and beautiful sceneries… Too much beauty!!


And the trip got even better when we started a fantastic road trip through the peninsula of Gaspesie region. Nature, forest, free wild animals, amazing landscapes…. Why did this trip had to end?? 😌😀😍

➡️ Oh hey Canada, you were amazing and unforgettable! 😍

July 2018


The article is coming real soon but Roaming Sab traveled with 2 teens crazy about Mangas and Japan culture… And it was quite an adventure! 😉😅 Japan was THE most unique but so different country we ever traveled to. We spent 2 weeks there and at the same time it was too short to cover all the spots we really wanted to see, but also too long spent in a country where English was so missing 😳.  Nonetheless, we had a great time in this beautiful country and the highlights were Miyajima Island and the busy city of Tokyo! All details coming to you very soon!

August 2018


This is the 3rd trip of How Travel and it happened in Sicily! Who would have thought that it could rain 3 days in August, peak of summer! Anyway, we did manage to visit the Valley of Temples in Agrigento, go to the beach by Licata and admire the Scala dei Turchi!
Roaming Sab also had a great time road tripping in a camper van in the area of Syracusa and Ragusa, and she will share her favourite spots shortly in another article. Stay tuned!


And of course it wouldn’t be a HowTravel/Digital Sunshine summer without a trip to Cortona!

Summer ends and Winter starts …

As you can tell we had a pause from travels towards the end of the year
(even travelling and blogging gets tiring!). 
Well sort of haha… we did sneak the Luxembourg Christmas market in…
here is your last sneak preview!

This is the end of our travels for 2018… but more to come in 2019! 

But what have you planned for 2019 already?  Let us know in the comment section below! ⬇️ 😁

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Until next time, we wish you a Happy New Year 2019!

Roaming Sab and Digital Sunshine✌🏼

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