So much to do in Quebec City!

This is the most French speaking city in the world 🌎 after Paris France 🇫🇷!!! (If you like Paris, check out our article on it … 😉). So here I am ready to explore Quebec City for a few days! The most European city of North America 💪🏻. So many things to do and see so let’s dive into it! Most of my days here started well as I was staying in Lévis, the city across St Lawrence river. I had to take a boat to get to Quebec City every morning and evening! How cool is that?! 😁 A return ticket is CAD7.20 (€4.70/£4.15/$5.60) if you fancy doing the trip (10min journey each way) and Lévis is a super cute place! Go check it out if you can! 😉
The ‘Traversier’ will take you from Quebec to Lévis and back in no time! well, around 10minutes, great views on the top deck!

Good to know: There is law in Quebec that says that everything needs to be translated to French! And in some areas of Quebec region, French is so much used that people will speak poorly English!

What To Do And See?

Visit Old Quebec

Champlain Street
One thing that will strike you when looking at Quebec Old Town is its fortification. Its city walls and impressive castle on top of it, but also colourful houses will make you forget you are in North America but will take you back to Europe straight away.
Fortification and Castle!


Old Town and so European style!!


La Fresque Des Québécois (Quebeckers Fresco) is a fantastic piece a art of 420 meters (I know, huge!) located in Rue Notre Dame. It is a summary of all about Quebec and its 400 years history! You’ll need to get on a guided tour to know more about it and I would be really terrible in explaining what or who is in there but all important persons like Samuel de Champlain (creator of the city) and Jacques Cartier (explorer who found Canada) are there obviously and I will just mention these 2!
The amazing Fresque des Quebecois
Take le Old Québec Funicular ticket cost CAD3 (€2/£1.70/$2.3) per adult and one way only. Or walk 400 steps and get a closer look at the Castle Frontenac which is a very luxurious hotel! You can actually enter it and visit the lobby.. which I did not know, too bad I missed it!
Here is the Funicular on its way up!
The impressive Castle Frontenac


Governors Promenade, built in 1958 for the 350th birthday of Quebec is a nice walk to take. It is 655 meters high with 310 steps so you can imagine the nice view you get can from there! Start from just a meters left from funicular or at the Plains of Abraham.
Walk with a great view on St Lawrence River

Visit Citadel

Going in the Citadel like a true soldat ! 😉
The Citadel was built in 1759 because the British thought the French would come back and take over Quebec and the citadel was thought being impregnable in the way it was discerned. Even the cliff around it has also enclosed by a high wall. There is no way this place could be taken by ennemies.

Fun fact: Dickens called it the Gibraltar if America.

Honestly, I was not keen on visiting it, simply because I thought it would not be very exciting or interesting. I was wrong but only because I joined a guided tour. They are included in the price of the ticket (CAD16/€10/£9/$12) and held in French or English. They also run every half hour and I really recommend joining one! This so much enjoyable to actually go around each places and get the history, fun facts or anecdotes about the place!
Je me Souviens (I remember) is the motto of Quebec. They remember their heritage for example or who lost their life.

Customs like having the governor (currently an ex-astronaut woman 😳) who is representing the Queen on Canadian soil. Their mascot is a goat 🐐 originally given by the Queen and symbol of defending its tribe/family until its death or even the ‘Je me Souviens’ saying being the symbol of Quebec to remember its origins. A nice tradition is held in the chapel each day when a soldier would turn a page and pronounce all of the fallen soldiers name written in it. AND the Citadel offers the best view of Quebec, river and surroundings! Generally I learnt a lot about the place, the military but also Quebec and Canada too! Big thumbs up from me!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Good to know: from June 24 to Septembre 1st, the change of guards will start at 10am sharp. And on Wednesdays there is the retreat in the evening and ticket purchased for that day are valid for both events!

Look at this view from Citadel!


Best view in town is at the Citadel!

Marché du Vieux Port

I love markets! Maybe if you have read other posts, you’ll know that. This market is really nice to go to, not to specifically buy your fruit and vegetables (you can definitely) but most of all, get a taste and buy local products directly from the producers. Marché du Vieux Port (Market of the Old Port) is almost 400 years old and quite a big one! Although when I went there, a few spots were empty but that’s due to the season.
It opens Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm. As I said earlier, you will find a lot of local products and a lot of tasting is possible too! If you are looking for Maple products (and so should you! 😉) that’s the place to be!
Also, if you want to have a nice and cheap lunch (you might need it after tasting apple cider 🙈), there is a small café inside the market with veggie options too! 😁😍
Marché du Vieux-Port


Had a cool Veggie meal here

Musée de la Civilisation

I was very surprised by the Museum of Civilisation of Quebec City. Ticket entrance is CAD17 (€11/£10/$13) and valid for as long as you want that same day of purchase. Some parts of this museum are REALLY interesting, especially the ones on First Nations. There are short documentaries, items, sculptures, and so much more to educate you about First Nations. That’s the part I enjoyed the most in this museum and why you should go to visit the museum. Of course, there is more than like Quebec through the years, from British colony to today!


Nature So Close To The City

Montmorency Park

This is definitely a must do when in Quebec City. Either drive to Montmorency Park or take the bus 800 from Gare Fluviale and arrive 30 minutes later ! Who would have thought that such waterfalls could be so close to the city!! If you arrive from the bottom, walk the 400 steps to reach the bridge that is on top of the falls. And if you fancy an adrenaline activity, there is a zip line over the Falls who are 30 meters high!!! 😳
Montmorency Falls. Some people are really brave!!! 😲

Good to know: A bus ticket through Quebec City cost CAD3.50 but will include a transfer of 90 minutes too!! 😁

Orleans Island

The bridge that takes you to Orleans Island
This one is also a must when going to Quebec City. Sadly, there is no local bus going there, you need a car to get there but since I didn’t have any… I booked a tour instead!  😉 It lasted 3,5 hours in total with a pick up in town. I paid CAD45 (€30/£26/$35) but it included several stops: best ice creams ever in the local chocolate factory, coffee at a great coffee place (La Maison Smith also in Quebec city in the Old Town!!), we stopped at a cider factory, nougat and blackcurrant liquor factories too! It was great to have a guide keen on sharing all the facts about the island!! 😁
Go check them out The Taste Trail Tour

I learnt that 7,000 people leave on Orleans island through the year with an increase up to 12,000 in summer time. 95% of the activity in the island is related to agriculture and you see this when driving in the island! Fruit trees, cultivated land, everywhere! Apples and potatoes are the main things grown here but strawberries and blackberries are also frequent too! There is one main road that goes around the island which is over 60km length.

Good to know: You will find some specialties very popular and delicious here like ice cider or apple butter! There are also loads of maple 🍁 products if you want too! 😉

Best place for Cider in Orleans Island!

Do You Want More?

There are 2 places that I wanted to go to, but could not manage to get there due to a limited amount of time. I have not done them and therefore I can’t review them but I think they are really worth mentioning and getting there, especially if you have a car. Local transport would be difficult for both places.

Wendake Nation

A short drive from Quebec City is the Huron-Wendat Museum where you can learn a lot about the Wendat culture (First Nation) through the museum but also, if you have to possibility you could have dinner in their traditional way, listen to stories around fire and so much more!

National Park of Jaques Cartier

Another short drive is the massive Jaques Cartier National Park where you can hike (there is 100km hiking trails!!), canoe, kayak, cycle etc. This place looks amazing and I heard great things about it! Make sure you get there if you can! 😁

Such a pretty old town

So what did you think of Quebec City 🇨🇦?

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