How to travel from Singapore to Malaysia in less than 15min?

I hope you have enjoyed our post on Singapore (if you haven’t read it, it is here 😉). So maybe you knew that Malaysia 🇲🇾 used to rule over Singapore 🇸🇬  before the British 🇬🇧 colonised it. Therefore, there is a strong relationship between Malaysia and Singapore and you can feel it in the country. You will also see lots of Malaysian working and living in Singapore because salaries are higher but also Singapore dollars are much stronger than Malaysian Ringgit 🤑. That being said, did you know that you can get to Malaysia in just 15 minutes? Continue to read for some awesome short trips to Malaysia from Singapore! 😎

Getting to Malaysia from Singapore

If you look at the map, you’ll see that Singapore 🇸🇬 is an island🌴 and a bridge is connecting it to Malaysia. Well this is called Johor-Singapore Causeway,  its length is just 1km and it is linking Singapore to Johor Bahru in Malaysia!

You can cross this bridge by walk (won’t recommend, you’ll get all the fumes from the cars, suffer the heat, but if you feel like it! 🚶 ), by bus (use bus 170 from Woodlands, pay less than €1 for the journey) or by car but you’ll have to pay a fee of SG$35 to cross it ($26/€22/£19).

TIP: Get there early to avoid queues… a lot of Singaporeans go there for shopping (Malaysian ringgit being much lower than sing dollar)

Fun Fact: There is a huge pipe that can be seen along the bridge. This supplies water to Singapore! 😲 💦 

Now you’re in Malaysia, truly Asia 😍 

Visit Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru or let’s call it JB, is your landing point coming from Singapore.

What is there to do?

Eat, shopping and some sightseeing. Malaysia is cheaper than Singapore and offer yummy food even tastier than Singapore. Try this carrot cake – nothing like what we know but it is made of radish! So yum and vegetarian! 🌱  😋

Carrot cake

What to do in JB?

Across the street of Malaysian border is a huge shopping mall called City Square – quite smart to have placed it here and very handy too if you just want to get to JB for cheap shopping and get back to Singapore a few hours later! Actually there are many shopping centers in JB (I counted 10 but there might be more!) and every time I come to visit friends, a new one is built!

Locals are super friendly!! Go to JB!! 😉

If you have kids, there is a Legoland there… I can’t review it since I’ve never been but it could be fun to do, especially if it is really hot outside since it has a waterpark! 💦 Oh and there is also a Hello Kitty AND Thomas (the train) Town… really if you have (young) kids they will love this; check this website for more information 😉.

TIP: JB has an airport so if you want cheap domestic flights like Kuala Lumpur or else in South East Asia, better do it from there rather than going back to Singapore where flights are a bit more expensive. I flew to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah region for super cheap with Air Asia! (that’s the other side of Malaysia, near Indonesia and Brunei (oh and if you don’t know Brunei, read this post 😉).

Visit Melaka

Melaka is around 250km north from JB/Singapore and it will take you around 2 hours to get there (without traffic so leave early). Kuala Lumpur is at 150km distance from Melaka.

What to see there?

You will definitely be walking in Jonker Street during the day but the best comes at night for its night market (weekend only) – so much to see, buy, eat or hear! Prepare yourself, there will be a lot of people walking those streets!

Continue your walk in Melacca to see Cheng Hoon Teng temple (built in 1645 and awarded UNESCO in 20013), but also Christ Church which will be right beneath a hill where St Paul’s church is. Careful, there are sooooo many steps to reach it! but the view is very nice!

Want to see the port? Head to the Portugese settlement and see the (smaller version of) the Christ Redeemer there! Also, good spot if you are keen on eating seafood, crab, etc. 😊

What to eat in Melaka?

Stop by the Restaurant Makko which is one of the original restaurant of Nyonya food. This is a fusion between Chinese and Malay food. The word Makko means ‘Aunt’ and you will feel that home cooking food has been served to you when you’re there! 😉

Try the Cendol desert in Melaka which is shaved ice, palm sugar, red beans, jelly noodle and creamy coconut milk. You either love it or hate it. I loved it! 🤤

Cendol desert

Have a Klebang Coconut shake! If you can, go to this place and you won’t be disappointed! You’ll be queuing because everyone knows this is the place to go! So basically this s a fresh coconut shake and really fresh because all the coconuts 🥥 are outside and being cut in front of you! The best is the ice-cream ball on top of it! I dare you to tell me this is not good! SO SO YUMMY! 🤤

The Klebang Coconut shake

One more food stop before leaving… 😋

The street where Baba Charlie will not impress you very much, it actually will make you think that you got the address wrong. But it is not the case. It is the original place and you can still see the ladies making fresh Nyonya cakes in front of you! There are really yummy cakes in there and my favourite was Kuih dada sort of pancake filled with coconut!!!

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Until next time, Go and Explore! 😉

Roaming Sab ✌🏼

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