A Speedy visit in Christchurch 🇳🇿 – what to see in priority

Ever heard of Christchurch ⁉ Or maybe you are reading this because you are about to visit this city? 😊 Let me tell you that I literally spent one day only in Christchurch but as soon as I started walking those streets, I regretted leaving it so soon! 😌 Such a beautiful city with good vibes! So this post won’t probably do it justice but I will try to cover all the important stuff for anyone spending just one day in Christchurch! 🙃

Easy to get around

Great news! If you are driving to the city or just arriving by bus or plane (like me! 🚌 😁) know that the city is very walkable but you can also discover it using the tramway, hop on and hop off bus or even cycling it 🚴🏻‍♂️ 🚶 !! 😁
Use old classy tramways in Christchurch!
Hire a bike to get around easily
The city center of Christchurch is lovely. I was very surprised how chilled and relaxed it felt to walk those streets. One thing that really shocked me though was its cathedral. Hurt by the December 2011 earthquake, a lot of the city and especially the cathedral were hit very badly.
If you want to know more about the quake, just watch this short clip on YouTube.
This is quite impressive to see a building falling apart like but thinking that we are now 7 years later, the renovation has not even started. This is due to the fact that it was argued if a new one should be constructed instead. Apparently, this one will be renovated soon (-ish). So let’s hope that for my next visit (or yours 😉), it will be completed! 😁
The Cathedral still shows the stigmas of the 2011 quake


You will definitely enjoy walking around the colourful Regent Street, maybe tempt yourself for a chess game in town or head to the The Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu for a few hours! You know, that’s the building with a massive hand  statue on top of it and a bull standing on a piano at the front (no, no drugs were taken when writing this… I mean it scroll down! 🙃🙃).
Colourful New Regent Street
How about a little chess game? This is close to the cathedral
The Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu is FREE to enter!
Not far from the Art Gallery (say 5min walk or so?) you’ll find a great corner full of surprises and wooden products! The Woodcraft Gallery is where local artisans are selling their stuff and sharing knowledge about tribes or even just New Zealand 🇳🇿! I dare you not to buy anything (I couldn’t resist)!! 😍

Highlights of the day 🤩

Botanic Gardens

Leave the Woodcraft Gallery and head towards the Botanic Gardens. Walk around, sit back, relax or jump on one of their guided tour! For NZD20 (€12/£10/$15), enjoy the comfort of being driven around the gardens and get all the knowledge you can get about its history and its flora and fauna! 💐 😁

Christchurch Museum

Right next to the Botanic gardens is where you’ll find Canterbury Museum. It is free to enter and opened everyday. But this place is huge! Full of history from Stone Age to WWI, you will learn all about the city of Christchurch! I loved that some of the areas were done in the way that you feel going back in time. For example, walking through the old town, be able to ride old bicycles. You feel that you are seeing history or living it and not just watching it behind a window. Don’t miss it 😁
Canterbury Museum is opened everyday



In front of the Canterbury Museum or the main entrance of the Botanic gardens is where you can pick up the shuttle bus to the Gondola. Pay to the driver NZD10 (€6/£5/$7.5) for an adult return trip and then 20 min later you’ll be at the main entrance. You can also drive 🚙 there and parking is free for Gondolas customers. You can also take normal transport like you know, the local bus!  😉🚌

Good to know: Here are the shuttle bus time… hopefully, they keep the same times all year around. It departs outside the museum at 9.30am, 10.30am, 11.30am, 1.00pm, 2.00pm, 3.00pm and 4.00pm.

This is the bus taking you to Gondola and where it will drop you off
When you will arrive, you will have 2 options, you can either walk (there is the Bridle path clearly indicated) or use the cable car to get to the top for NZD 28 (€17/£14/$20) return trip.

Guess what I have done? 🙃

The ride about 7 minutes to the top of the mountain. The price also includes the « Time Tunnel Experience » which gives you an idea of the history of Canterbury. 
Amazing views from the top on the city of Christchurch and the Canterbury Plains!  It must be even more satisfactory to climb up there… but you know, I was hungry and had to have lunch at the restaurant at the top with a nice glass of wine… Argh, priorities right??? 🍷 😂
I could watch this all day


Great View from the top
Too bad! No Tunnel Experience

 Street Art

There is so many street art in Christchurch! And so many good ones too. You will see them as long as you look around you! You can’t miss them. My favorite has got to be the one on the Canterbury Museum! Oh and that sweet Maori lady… ok I loved them all!! 😍😍

On the side of Canterbury Museum
Sweet Maori Woman – the tattoo on her chin is given when a woman has her first child
Well that’s it! I wish I had more time in Christchurch but I still think I still managed to see a lot in just one day!! 😉

What did you think of it?

Let me know in the comments below! ⬇

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Until next time, Go and Explore! 😉

Roaming Sab ✌🏼

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