Hurray! You are considering a trip in Europe and that’s awesome! 🤗 We are both based in Europe (UK/France) and we certainly used this advantage to travel here and there, at any time of the year and even just for a weekend 😉  Europe has so much to offer and it is so easy to travel from one country to another!

You’ll find in this section all of our journeys in Europe (so far), from a short trip in Paris France, road tripping in Northern Italy or just a nice weekend in Lisbon Portugal. We tell you all and show you all! 😎 

We have divided this category in 4 sections: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern and Southern Europe. 

We hope that you will find those posts interesting and that they will help you design your journey in Europe the best way possible! If you need help or extra information, feel free to get in touch with us via email or leave a comment in one of the post! We will get back to you! ✌🏼 

Happy reading and safe travels folks! 😎 

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🎄How Travel went to Christmas markets in Europe! 🎄

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What I like the most about Christmas? Its markets for sure!🎄 Growing up in the North East of France 🇫🇷, I have always been used to see them in all big cities of the area! They always open early December and last until Christmas Eve. The most famous in  France is in the city of […]

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