Are you considering a trip in Asia? That’s awesome and well done on taking this first step! You will not regret this! 😉  Or are you planing to travel more in Asia? Wow congratulations! 👏 Once you’ve been to Asia, you have to return again and again! We know that!! 😊 

Asia is a great way to discover new cultures, enjoy good food and lose yourself in amazing landscapes and scenery. 

You’ll find in this section all of our journeys in Asia (so far), from road tripping in India, trekking in Myanmar or just exploring Singapore in South East Asia. We hope that you will find those posts interesting and that they will help you design your journey in Asia the best way possible! If you need help or extra information, feel free to get in touch with us via email or leave a comment in one of the post! We will get back to you! ✌🏼 

Get ready to see lots of colours in this section! 😎 

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Why you SHOULD trek in Myanmar??

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So for the one who don’t know, Myanmar (previously called Burma) is located in South East Asia and it is bordering with Thailand, Laos, China, Bangladesh and India! For a very long time, this country has been closed to tourism or any business but it is slowly opening up and becoming more and more popular amongst travellers! […]

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