Cairns, Tropical Queensland where you’ll first meet the Reef

Cairns is located in the North of Australia, in Tropical North Queensland. This is a large city and its length is 52 km! 😲 Although walking in the city will make you think that this place is small & quiet! 🤫 I found it super chilled and relaxed. I stayed in Cairns for around 10 days with the aim of resting because one thing you should know is that traveling this much is not holidays (my 4th week on the road now! 😅 ) !! So I took my time, sunbathing, relaxing, but I still managed to get to do some awesome trips and activities around Cairns! 😉  
Excited when you see this at the airport!!

What to do in Cairns?

You can’t miss going to the Esplanade Lagoon when you are in Cairns. I went there several days in a row, just to chill in the saltwater pool and soaking up the sun ☀ on the grass 😎 

Beautiful Lagoon 😍
From there, you’ll be really close to lots of restaurants, cafes and bars too!
Cool sculptures by the Lagoon


  • There are no beaches in Cairns (and you won’t be able to swim around the harbour either) so the best is to get a bus or cycle to Holloway beach. Cycling will take an hour each way (that’s what I did 💪🏻) the road is flat all the way and the scenery is awesome! Perfect for a day out! Consider a bus or renting a car if you are going to further beaches. Here is a link to the whole list of beaches around Cairns.
Holloway beach

Tropical Queensland has loads of crocodiles! And they install nets for you to swim into… do that and don’t adventure outside those nets… I’ve heard scary stories 😱 



  • Cycling 🚴‍♀️ is also a great activity in Cairns with clear cycle paths everywhere! That was my way of transportation all my time in the city! And that helped burning those calories of ice cream 🍦 too!! 🤣 
Yes! Cycling 🚴‍♀️ is fun in the sun ☀ (and it rhymes! 🤣)
  • Save yourself some time to spend in the Botanical gardens. Get there cycling, driving or bus (🚌  #131)! There a different sections there such as Freshwater or Saltwater Lakes, different type of gardens (aboriginal garden, Flecker garden). I personally enjoyed the Watkins Munro Martin Conservatory which is a closed space. Inside you’ll find butterflies, carnivores plants and other amazing tropical plants!!
    Lovely waterfall at the botanical gardens


  • One of my very first trip I did when I was in Cairns and it will be covered in another post was snorkelling at Great Barrier Reef but you can dive there too! 😉 
Yep, that’s me! 😆

See the wet tropical rainforest 

  • Discover a whole new world by taking a ride on sky rail 🚃 just outside Cairns. This is a day to remember and I’ll tell you all about it in another post – you’ll get some great tips here and avoid te crowds so stay tuned! 👍🏻 
Up in the Sky Rail! 🚋
  • Around Cairns and in the tropical forest are a lot of waterfalls! Visit one or more!! Some are a bit dangerous to access and others are really easy… you’ll find out in another post coming soon! 😎 


Roads around outside Cairns – Man I love this sign!!! ✌🏼
  • And, do you want to see some real crocodiles? 😱  Head to the Daintree Forest!! I have seen some dead ones in shops and tried crocodile (when I was still a meat eater) in Kenya 🇰🇪… not a fan of this animal so I avoided meeting them alive 😝 

So, what do you think of Cairns? 😀 

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Until next time, Go and Explore! 😉

Roaming Sab ✌🏼

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